Pet Friendly Rental Homes – Now You Can Give Your Pet a Relaxing Place to Stay

Are you going on a vacation and would like to bring your pet along? Whether it’s exploring the great outdoors or having a road trip, your pet is your faithful companion that will always give you great company and variety when you travel. One important aspect of your vacation is getting a good place to lodge when the need arises.

You don’t want to find you and your pet in a position where you can’t find a decent place to stay, let alone a hotel or motel that does not allow pets inside. It’s better to be prepared before your scheduled vacation with your pet, so why not scout around for the best pet friendly rental homes? There are sure to be plenty of vacation hotel, motels, apartments, cabins, or even small vacation houses that you can rent so that you and your pet can have a place to stay.

It does not matter if your pet is a large dog or even a small cat because the majority of these lodgings accommodate mostly the feline and canine species; they often have good amenities and facilities as well as walking parks and extra space in the bedroom with extra sheets for your pet! You might be surprised to find pet care centers nearby so you can be ready for any emergency as well. Just do your research well and you’ll find pet friendly rental homes at your vacation destination.

Check out the latest listing for those rental homes online. There are many of them with services that will also cater to taking care of your pet so there won’t be any hassle when you choose the place and type of room that you want. Now you can enjoy the sights and sounds while on vacation and your pet can have a relaxing stay in a pet friendly rental home that you chose!

Finding a Pet-Friendly Rental Home

You have been looking around for months. This house is too expensive. That house is in the wrong area. There is just no way that you can live with the color of the walls in that other house. And then it happens – you find the perfect house to rent. Excitedly you rush round to meet the agent and the owner, your beloved pooch in tow. And they take one look at Fido and shake their heads. You are crushed, you can’t choose between your pet and a house. So the search starts all over again.

This might sound like a familiar story to many of us. In the current economic climate, very few people can afford to buy a property and rather choose to rent. But many properties available for rent come with a strict “no pets” policy. This can be exceptionally frustrating for pet-owners. There is nothing worse than taking the time and effort to go through the process of viewing a house to rent and then being turned down because of your love for animals.

Some Guidelines to Easily Finding a Home for You and Your Pet

The best way to deal with this problem is to be prepared in advance. Understand that your pet could potentially create problems and start your rental property search with this in the forefront of your mind.

The first step is to start your house hunt a little bit earlier. Finding a pet-friendly rental home might be difficult, so give yourself some extra time to find the right one.

You should also not go into this process with the wrong attitude. Property owners do not disallow pets out of spite; they have probably just had a bad experience with a previous pet owner. Take the time to convince the owner that you are a responsible pet owner and will rectify any damages out of your own pocket. You can even highlight your good faith by having such a clause written into the lease agreement – ensuring that you will have the carpets cleaned when you leave or have the garden serviced.

In your effort to prove yourself as a responsible pet owner, gather as much documentation as you can to support your claim. Letters from a dog training school verify that your pet is house trained or a testimonial from your vet guarantees your pet is sterilised and that you are conscientious with its medical care. If possible, acquire a letter of reference from your previous landlord stating that you were indeed a diligent pet owner and tenant.

When meeting a landlord or owner for the first time, be upfront about your pet. Trying to sneak an animal in at the last minute will create an air of distrust between you and the landlord and could even leave you faced with eviction.

Don’t be afraid to promote yourself and your pet. Emphasis how well behaved your dog is and bring him or her along to prove it. You could also turn the difficulty of finding a pet-friendly rental home to your advantage. Point out that pet owners make better tenants as they are willing to stay in one home for longer as it is tricky to find another. This saves landlords and owners time and money in constantly searching for new tenants.

The last step is to know when to cut your losses. Large rental companies with a “no pets” policy are unlikely to be swayed. Rather move on and don’t waste time and energy on a futile cause.

What to Do When You Finally Find Your Pet-Friendly Home

Once you have found the perfect rental home that is willing to welcome you and your pet with open arms, your work is still not done. You must get permission to keep a pet in writing, usually in the form of an addendum to your lease agreement. If your lease initially specified no pets, ensure that that is crossed out and initialed in both your and the landlord’s copy of the document. Many landlords will require you to pay an extra pet deposit to cover any damages. Ensure that this too is in writing and specifies how much will be returned to you upon the completion of your lease. You should also make sure that you have a copy of any house or complex rules that pertain to pets.

Finding a Pet Friendly Rental Property Online

As we all know, one of the easiest ways to find anything these days is online and finding a pet-friendly property to rent is no exception. There are many resources online that can point you in the right direction.

Online property portals are also convenient and quick, letting you peruse rental homes at your leisure, choosing to view only those that appeal to you. Some property websites state upfront in the listing description whether or not a house is pet-friendly. This saves you time and money as you do not even have to waste a phone call on those houses that would be unwillingly to welcome your pet.

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Pet Friendly Rentals – Sure to Satisfy Even the Connoisseur

Everyone with a pet can understand wanting to keep those smaller members of the family with you where ever you go, whether you are moving to a new permanent location or going somewhere for an extended holiday. Any apartment you rent will need to be pet friendly, and when you take your canine friend on vacations with you to various places all over the world, it is important to locate a place that is pet friendly. Do your research on pet friendly rentals to create the least stressful vacation once you reach your destination.

Apartments that permit pets do more of a service than you might think. Because it allows pet owners to keep their pets, it gives otherwise homeless or abandoned dogs and cats a loving place to call home. The reason many apartment complex housing managers hesitate to allow pets in their establishments is because of the damage an irresponsible pet owner can cause to an apartment.

If more pet owners committed to taking responsible care of their animals, there might be more pet friendly rentals available on the market. As it is, there are many communities that welcome pet owners and their loyal companions. Before deciding on one place or another, be sure to do plenty of research to find out if such things as nonrefundable pet deposits apply to the places you are interested in.

Whether you are planning a vacation that will involve staying in a hotel, vacation rental, or bed and breakfast, pet friendly rentals are essential to keeping those important members of the family with you. Anyone who has traveled with a pet should understand how difficult it can be to find a top-notch place to stay that also allows pets.

Just because you bring them with you should not mean you have to compromise your comfort or cleanliness to find a pet friendly rental where ever you may be traveling. There are high end hotels all over the nation that supply popular amenities like high speed internet for free, television with movies on-demand, wall-mounted hair dryers, coffee makers and other comforts to make you feel more at home. Other conveniences might include a pool or a complimentary breakfast. Research different pet friendly rentals before you decide on one.

Millions of people own pets and want to live in and travel to places that accommodate them and their four-legged friends. Why should you want any less? And, as someone who expects the best for your dog, don’t settle.

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Hilton Head Island Resorts – The Best Pet Friendly Rentals You Can Find in the South

Summer is in full swing in the Southeast. As the temperatures crest the triple digit markers throughout the United States, throngs of beach goers are flocking to vacation rentals along the refreshing waters and breezy white sand dunes of the Atlantic coast.

One demographic often gets left out of these opportunities for escaping – pet owners. There is a noticeable lack of pet friendly rentals and beaches for those toting their four-legged companions along on family vacations, relegating them to cheap interstate motels and designated pet areas miles from the coast.

Alas, Hilton Head Island is a haven for pet owners looking to enjoy a vacation with the whole family. This resort-style island is replete with award winning restaurants such as the Dunes House, ocean front rental properties like Palmetto Dunes Rentals and Resort, pro level golf courses such as Author Hills, and miles and miles of white sand beaches that slope gently into a tranquil sea. And best of all these beaches are pet friendly!

All of Hilton Head’s beaches allow well-behaved pets with well-behaved owners. During the busy summer months, from the Friday before Memorial Day until the Monday after Labor Day, leashed animals are allowed on the beach before 10A.M. and after 5P.M. From April to May, animals are allowed off-leash in the mornings and evening and must be leashed from 10A.M-5P.M. And from October through March, your pets are allowed to roam freely at all hours of the day and night!

To boot, there are some fantastic Hilton Head pet friendly rentals available, catering to vacationers with their furry companions in toe. The island offers rentals ranging from five bedroom estates up private drives to cozy cabanas only a couple steps from the water’s edge.

These properties are definitely a step up from your average roadside motel, offering such amenities as oversized master suites and secluded in-law cottages, private patio pools and hot tubs, and covered verandas and gourmet kitchens. Whether you are looking for a 6000 square foot manor sitting atop the sand dunes, or a sheltered hamlet tucked back among the Palmetto groves, Hilton Head has hundreds of accommodations and rental properties for your entire family, both human and k-9.

In an effort to ensure that Hilton Head remains pet friendly, animal owners are encouraged to follow a few basic rules while visiting the island. Be sure to follow all city and beach ordinances, and have your animals leashed in all public areas and parks. Be sure to pick up after your pet both around town and down by the water’s edge; this ensures both clean beaches and sidewalks and cuts down on a lot of complaints from local residents and neighbors.

Remember, not everyone on the island loves your pet as much as you do. Be sure to have your animal under positive voice control while enjoying off-leash time on the beach and in nearby dog parks. These simple rules will ensure that Hilton Head remains a pet friendly place for years to come.

While there are many Atlantic coast beaches where animal lovers cannot catch a break, Hilton Head is a pet friendly haven that has a slue of rental houses and beaches that welcome you and your family friend with open arms.

Pet Friendly Rentals

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The internet has been a major breakthrough in the world of information technology. It has made life relatively easy, especially for pet owners who are in search of good quality pet friendly rental homes. But the searching part is only the first step to finding the best pet friendly rentals that would suit your pet’s needs. Searching for a good quality rental is a long process which any pet owner should take into account in order to really find a rental that suits your pet’s needs.

Looking for pet friendly rentals such as homes can become effortless now with the breakthrough of the greatest information invention that the world has ever produced – the internet.

Pet owners who plan to move out of their previous homes and plan to rent a place that can be considered to be pet friendly can now browse the internet and search for such rental homes instead of waiting for listings and advertisements in newspapers and other print ads or by asking other people about the location of such pet friendly rentals.

Having the locations of good pet friendly rental homes is only the first step of the whole search process. That is because when you talk only about finding a rental that suits your needs, then you would be able to get a long list of addresses from just one site that advertises pet friendly rentals. Imagine how many addresses you would be able to get just after a few hours of browsing.

What we are emphasizing. is finding GOOD QUALITY rentals that would suit not just yours but your pet’s needs as well. A devoted pet owner would not only rely on the addresses he or she got from the internet, however having these addresses count as just one step of the long process of finding good quality rental homes for you and your pet.

Other steps should be taken to ensure that the place you are going to choose fits exactly what you and your pet needs. You need to always take it into account to segregate the addresses that you will be planning to visit or inspect. In short you need to weed out the places that do not fit your taste until you get a short list of places that more or less cater to yours and your pet’s needs. This step is very crucial in the whole search process as this would determine the places that you will be visiting next from the long list of addresses that you have obtained.

Visiting every place in your list would only tire you out and properly take up too much of your time and effort just by visiting all these places. Advertisements over the internet can actually include a short description of the places they advertise, their prices and even a few pictures.

In most instances they also include a phone number for you to contact in case you have any additional questions. You can use these as a basis for your short listing. You could also contact the owners for a short interview and ask them about the specifics of the place. Such as; if they have a wide lawn where you and your pet could play on, etc. After doing such, you now obtain a short list of your specified places which you would have to visit next.

Your short list can contain 5-10 places depending on how much time and effort you are willing to spend on visiting these places. At the very least you should have 5 choices so as to have a wider array of good choices rather than just by having 2 or 3. Relying on pictures, descriptions and on the phone interview with owners are not enough to make sure that the place you would be renting would be suitable for the needs of your pets.

You need to see them first hand in order to make sure. If you plan on visiting all of them in just one day, I suggest you start from the farthest away so that you would save on gasoline. This also gives you a pretty good idea on how long the travel would take to get from your previous home to the next which is an essential measurement during moving time.

However make sure that before you visit the owners, give then a ring or notice beforehand. Do not rely only on the attendants and secretaries. It is best to speak to the owners or administrators themselves as it would be them who know about the places best and you might be able to secure discounts or additional benefits from them.

After visiting, then the time comes to make an ultimate choice.

Make sure that you take all the information you gathered is present and accounted for, before settling on a specific choice.

By following these simple measures, I hope this assists you in being able to choose a good, if not the best quality pet friendly rental for you and your pet.

Happy Moving!

Enjoy your new home.

If you are a pet owner or considering becoming one, we have lots of valuable infor